Providing effective mediation services throughout the State of Florida for more than 12 years.   

Located in The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building, 

169 East Flagler Street, Suite 1420, Miami, Florida 33131

Disputes arise out of virtually all aspects of our lives, whether it be driving, shopping, construction, business, medical care or everyday use of products.  Resolving these disputes can be difficult, frustrating, time consuming and costly.  Mediation gives those involved in a dispute the opportunity to work together through a neutral to create their own solution rather than forfeiting that power to a judge or jury.  Mediation is an effective tool for all concerned to manage risk and control the cost, time and energy required to litigate.  K&A Mediation was created by experienced litigators to provide Florida lawyers and their clients with effective, energetic and creative mediators to help resolve even their most hotly contested disputes.